Top reviewed cannabis brands 2018

Our mission is to be the trusted source for finding the best compliant and licensed cannabis brands. We are currently in the process of curating the finest cannabis brands. Our focus is on the end user and we aim to create truly unique experiences by featuring only the top brands and products. We like to keep things simple and optimize time by fewer clicks with an intuitive clean interface.

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Filter – Users can search by keywords and by filter strains.

Categories – The ability to refine the search by flower, edible, oil, tincture, CBD, pre-rolled joints etc.

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Rating – The average ratings and reviews of brand.

Categories – Popup of all the categories for brand.

Quickview – Popup of brand description with categories.

Bookmark – Users can bookmark or save brand for future reference.

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Rating – The average ratings and reviews for brand.

Bookmark – Users can bookmark or save  brand.

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Profile – Description, available cities, categories, featured strains, video, image gallery, links, and license #.

Products – Featured products, for informational purposes only. Nothing sold.

Reviews – Users can review and rate by overall rating, consistency, availability, and strain selection.

Events – Upcoming and latest events for brand.